Kayla O'Neill

Elephanta Island is misleadingly named; not one live elephant to be found! Instead, it is chockful of monkeys, goats, people selling souvenirs (many of which are ironically small decorative elephants), and ornate stone carvings. Elephanta Island, named such by the Portuguese upon finding a stone statue of an elephant (which has since been transported elsewhere), is a UNESCO World Heritage site. Elephanta is home to several Hindu and Buddhist caves, but I only had time to visit the “Great Cave,” a Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva, the Destroyer.


In order to get to the island, we took an extremely short bus ride to the Gateway to India and then an awfully long boat ride on an awfully small boat. Upon arriving on the island, we took a mini train for about a minute and then had to walk the rest of the way to the caves. Small shops and tables…

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