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town crier 1

“I’m a Town Crier. You’ve just missed the Town Crier competition.”
“Oh! I wanted to see that! Did you win?”
“You fluffed a word today, didn’t you.”
“Oh, what word?”
“Erm…… I can’t remember”
“It was something beginning with ‘M'”
“What do you get judged on in the competition?”
“Clarity, volume….”
“Yes. Hm… I can’t remember them all. Been doing it for 32 years.”
“Is there a uniform for town criers?”
“No, we’re not all the same. We design our own costumes, but they’re usually based on the 17th Century because that was the peak of town crying, when people couldn’t read or write. We’d tell them the news of the day.”
“Is there a particular significance in what you have chosen to wear?”
“Well there’s the Cornish yellow and black, of course.”
“Yes, and you have dressed to match.”
“Yes. See her bum.”
“Oh, you have…

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